4K-MEMS SA, founded in 2020, is at the forefront of developing state-of-the-art broadband near infrared (NIR) light sources for embedded sensing applications. As a fabless entity, our core competencies lie in the innovative design and rigorous testing of our products, while manufacturing is expertly handled by our partners. Our cutting-edge SWIR emitters are crafted based on a patented architecture that employs novel materials and advanced microfabrication techniques, setting new standards for size, brightness, and response time.

Our technology promises to revolutionize the field by offering scalable manufacturing methods that not only facilitate deep integration with modern micro-technologies but also significantly reduce the cost per unit. This breakthrough enables the widespread incorporation of chemical sensing technology into consumer products, ranging from personalized wellness devices to smart appliances, enhancing both performance and safety.

At 4K-MEMS, we are driven by the vision of making infrared-based sensing ubiquitous, providing industries and consumers alike with the ability to obtain accurate, firsthand information about the materials they use daily. Our compact, cost-effective emitters are designed to be universally applicable, paving the way for a future where high-quality broadband infrared sensing is a standard feature in a wide array of products.



Weronika Sadurska

Weronika Sadurska is a Materials Engineer embarking on an exciting academic journey, pursuing a Master's in Precision Engineering at the University of Bern. Currently, Weronika is fully engaged in her master's thesis work while lending her expertise to 4KMEMS. Her areas of specialization include Materials Science, Nanotechnology, and Ultraprecision Systems. Driven by a passion for precision, Weronika actively seeks new challenges where she can apply her knowledge and develop innovative solutions to complex engineering problems.


Fabian Bauer

Fabian Bauer earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from EPFL in 2021. Following a year of civil service, he commenced his master's studies in 2022. Currently, he is dedicating his efforts to his master's thesis in Mechanical Engineering at 4K-MEMS. Throughout his academic journey, his primary focus has been on manufacturing and production processes.


Matthias Imboden

Matthias Imboden is a physicist and entrepreneur with extensive experience in both academia and the tech industry. As the Founder and CEO of 4K-MEMS since 2020, he leads the company in pioneering the development of customized high-intensity short wave-infrared (SWIR) emitters for portable spectroscopy platforms.

Before launching 4K-MEMS, Matthias explored and developed new technologies as Project Manager at Swatch Group SA, focusing on actuators, sensors, and energy management systems for wearables during their early and mid-stages of development.

Matthias holds Ph.D. in Physics from Boston University. His research during this time was centered on diamond nanoelectromechanical resonators. He held a Postdoctoral position at Boston University where he worked on micro-electromechanical systems, including resonators, optical beam steering mirrors, thermal MEMS, and novel fabrication techniques. Matthias was a Curie Fellow at the Swiss Federal University in Lausanne (EPFL), where h, in collaboration with Bern University, worked on the development of mechanically dynamic micro-electrode arrays to study the effects of a dynamic strain acting on cardiomyocytes.

Matthias Imboden has published extensively in peer review journals and holds over 30 patents.