Quaisr is a VC backed, Imperial College London and Alan Turing Institute spin-off. At Quaisr, our mission is to unlock interactive digital twins – mission-critical replicas of physical systems, backed by online data streams, simulation and machine-learning. We provide a digital connectivity and infrastructure platform that empowers engineers and research scientists to solve pressing problems in energy efficiency, product design and reliability.


Prof. Richard Craster, Co-founder

Richard Craster is the Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences at Imperial College London.

Dr. Lachlan Mason, Co-founder & CEO

Lachlan holds a PhD in physics-based simulation, with research experience across chemical engineering and environmental remediation.


Dr. Indranil Pan, Co-founder & Chief Scientist

Indranil holds a PhD in risk quantification, has worked both in heavy engineering and financial services.


Dr. Morgan Kerhouant

Morgan did a PhD in numerical modelling and machine learning, with experience on applications to the energy industry.

Dr. Assen Batchvarov

Dr. Oscar Giles